Scheduled maintenance

  • fluid changes including engine oil, transmission, differential, power steering, brake and coolant
  • tune-ups
  • timing belt replacements
  • vehicle inspections

Drivability diagnosis and repair

  • check engine light issues
  • computer control systems
  • emissions system
  • poor engine performance

Brake service

  • complete brake repair including disc, drum and Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS)
  • hose and brake line fabrication


  • starting systems
  • charging systems
  • battery draw issues
  • power windows
  • door locks
  • wiper systems
  • heater blowers
  • rear defroster
  • lights

Steering and suspension

  • shock and strut replacement
  • ball joints
  • control arms
  • rack and pinion replacement
  • power steering pumps and hoses
  • trouble shooting hydraulic steering problems


  • new tire sales
    • free lifetime balance and rotation
  • tire repair
  • diagnosis and repair of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Drive train

  • repair and maintenance on differentials
  • transfer cases on 4x4s
  • automatic transmissions
  • axles and universal joints and clutch replacement

Heating and air conditioning

  • recharge air conditioning system
  • locate and repair leaks
  • troubleshooting performance issues including the replacement of compressors, evaporators, condensers, cooling fans, blower motors and related hoses and components
  • coolant system diagnosis as related to heater performance
  • computer controlled motors
  • components in the ventilation system


  • engine installation and new engine sales
  • gasket and seal replacements
  • valve jobs
  • troubleshooting and diagnosis of internal engine noise